Pastor Shep
Part Shepherd, Part Sheep, 100% Sustained by Grace
Pastor Shep is a weekly Christian comic strip that pokes fun at the blunders of ministers as they struggle to be followers of Christ and leaders of people.  It also celebrates the quirky family of faith that we've come to love and call "the Church". 

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Part Shepherd, Part Sheep,
100% Sustained by Grace.

For the Young and
​the Young-at-Heart!
Pastor Shep © Susan Mattinson, 2012-2016.  Reproduction permitted with permission of creator.  All Rights Reserved.
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Hello everyone:

Spring has sprung! 

Here is what's been happening in my neck of the woods...​​

An edited version of my "Faithbit: Track Your Spiritual Fitness" blog post was used on the website
Presbycan Daily Devotional.  I got a lot of encouraging emails!  You can find that here.  
I hope to write more blog posts in the future; I enjoy it very much!​​

Also, I got the neatest and most unexpected comic use request the other day!  
​A Clinical Respiratory Physiologist from 
New Zealand asked to use this comic on blood tests ​
​for a couple scientific presentations on ​the use of pulse oximetry (non-invasive oxygen monitoring)
​as an approximation of arterial saturation (measured from a blood test).  Wow!  Very cool!

Thank you for your love and support!

​Grace and Peace,