Pastor Shep
Part Shepherd, Part Sheep, 100% Sustained by Grace
Pastor Shep is a weekly Christian comic strip that pokes fun at the blunders of ministers as they struggle to be followers of Christ and leaders of people.  ​It also celebrates the quirky family of faith that we've come to love and call "the Church". 

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Part Shepherd, Part Sheep,
100% Sustained by Grace.

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Pastor Shep © Susan Mattinson, 2012-2019.  Reproduction permitted with permission of creator.  All Rights Reserved.
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Recently, I had the pleasure of illustrating a children's book​​ titled "There's a Monster In my School!"​​
​written by the talented Marianne Jones.  We are working together to have the book self-published
​and I look forward to sharing more about it as we draw nearer to the release date!​​

I have now transitioned The Shep Shop from the shopping cart on this website to Etsy instead.
It's my hope that the result will be a more smooth and enjoyable shopping experience!​​​

​​​Thanks for your continued support!
Grace and Peace,


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