Pastor Shep
Part Shepherd, Part Sheep, 100% Sustained by Grace
Pastor Shep is a weekly Christian comic strip that pokes fun at the blunders of ministers as they struggle to be followers of Christ and leaders of people.  ​It also celebrates the quirky family of faith that we've come to love and call "the Church". 

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Part Shepherd, Part Sheep,
100% Sustained by Grace.

For the Young and
​the Young-at-Heart!
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(Updated: October 20, 2016​​​)

​​Hello everyone:

Christmas will be here before we know it!  

Did you know that both Pastor Shep books were created to be Christmas pageant resources for churches?

Hear all about it in this short video:





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"After many years of presenting the Christmas Eve can be difficult to find something new,
​that's a fresh treatment of the Christmas story, that gets people thinking about it in a different way.  And that was the goal with these Picture Pageants..."