Pastor Shep
Part Shepherd, Part Sheep, 100% Sustained by Grace
Pastor Shep is a weekly Christian comic strip that pokes fun at the blunders of ministers as they struggle to be followers of Christ and leaders of people.  It also celebrates the quirky family of faith that we've come to love and call "the Church". 

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Part Shepherd, Part Sheep,
100% Sustained by Grace.

For the Young and
​the Young-at-Heart!
Pastor Shep © Susan Mattinson, 2012-2016.  Reproduction permitted with permission of creator.  All Rights Reserved.
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​​​Hello everyone:

I have an apology to make...

I've been neglecting the comic lately.  My updates have been sporadic at best​​. ​
​And just when I thought ​I had gained momentum again​​, I fell away again!

Why? I'm not too sure.  

​​At first I thought it might be ministry burn-out, and maybe it was in part.
But it's also been an incredibly busy last ​​​4 or 5 months.  
​My husband and I prepared for and attended a short-term mission trip to Haiti as part of
​an 11 person team from our city.  Our time was spent with fundraisers, team​ meetings,
​and my learning a new language ​(16 lessons of Haitian Creole online, which I enjoyed greatly!).  

​On top of that were two different national church meetings and a more-than-typical amount of
​summer-time ministry obligations.  Even my one week "staycation"  wasn't really much of a vacation.

I still love making Pastor Shep comics.  
​I still have big plans moving ahead.  
​There is still so much I want to do, if I only had the time!  ​​
My goal is to be better about making the time.

Thank you, dear fans, for your patience and understanding​​​!
​Grace and Peace,